Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Bricking, Cornices and a Missing Kitchen?

Last week saw our bricking being finished off. We only have a small amount of the house to be bricked. Hate how it is looking right now as because it is being rendered they are using some cream bricks with grey mortar and it it looks pretty ordinary. Hard to get past it visually. Also not sure how much I love the parapet over the garage but I guess it's going to have to grow on me, should look better once rendered and painted.

As I mentioned in another post we have to have a rendered strip running around the perimeter of the house under our weatherboards due to the glass termite barrier (not our choice) but we got them to at least lower the height of this. Now that that row of bricks is done hubby checked measurements and noticed they had done a row too high, a call to the ss and he let us know that he had already noticed and had the brickie booked to head on back to fix it up. Happy he is on the ball but also pretty pleased with my hubby that he picks these things up.

Our tiles and weatherboard has been delivered and the weatherboard is due to start this week I think. Just looove weatherboard but I am wondering it it will look odd on our gableless (is that even a word?) house, joys of building a project house and not sticking with standard brick or render means you have no idea how good or stupid it will look.

I have been stressing about my kitchen and have actually not been looking forward to it going in, I know that's weird but not being able to talk to kitchen company and relying on emails and pictures to convey what we want adds to my stress and also no detailed kitchen drawings. So I admit I felt a little relief to hear that our kitchen will be delayed due to a headoffice stuff up. It seems that a variation we made a few weeks ago to the kitchen and bathrooms created a mix up and our kitchen was not ordered. So instead of us getting our kitchen before Christmas shutdown it will now be installed after. I guess at least we won't have the worry of our kitchen sitting there over the Christmas break but this has now delayed other things like tiling, which was also due to be done before Christmas.

Like I said in another post each new stage brings with it issues big or small and I am glad I realise this now and I am learning to not stress and just roll with it.

In other news we swapped our 75mm cornice for the Sydney Cove 90mm and we are so glad we did as it looks gorgeous. My hubby is especially taken with it.

Architraves and doors have started to be done and the Chippie will be busy at our house until Christmas.

So what does everyone think, blessing in disguise kitchen is delayed til after Christmas break or better to have had it in with less delays regardless of Christmas break?


Bricking is nearly done now can't wait til it is rendered.

Much happier with this Cornice, can't wait to see them painted

Sitting room doors and the same door to go on pantry

Crooked photo or our internal doors and architraves

Entrance ceiling not plastered which must be because
we are having it lined?

Something similar to this will line the entrance ceiling

Our internal doors

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Plaster,Fireplace and Cornice Issues

I am  late in this post as plastering started on Thursday. We were a little nervous about it as it had stormed the night before and the plaster had been sitting in the open doorway of the garage. Hubby took down some coke and doughnuts and the plasterers let him know that it was dry and it had been under black plastic.

While he was there he noticed that our fireplace which was due to have gone in on the Tuesday had not been done, a quick ring and our plumber was in fact on holiday and had it booked to be installed the following Tuesday. Gah! It needed to be installed before plaster and with the plasterers working fast we needed it done asap. He managed to find someone to come and install it on the Wednesday and the plasterers left that area down the bottom til the end. I tell you every new stage I am learning will bring it's own issues, surprises or delights.

We also of course had our insulation put in before the plaster went up but I stupidly assumed that it went into every wall of your house not just external. After reading so many forums and blogs how did I not know this important detail? I didn't necessarily want it in every wall but I would have put some insulation around the powder room and laundry for sound proofing purposes. Oh well live and learn, not much I could do as we completely missed this stage of the house build as hubby was away and I was too buggered at the end of the day to drive out there.

First row of bricking has started and the termite barrier has been done as well.

By Friday afternoon plaster was up. We checked Saturday afternoon and somebody had obviously just finished working as there was water out the front and the plaster joins had been painted over with whatever it is they use. Workers on Saturday, woohoo!

But it wouldn't be a house build without issues right? While there on Saturday my husband wanted to show me the cornices. We paid an over inflated price to upgrade them from standard so we were looking forward to them going up. Hubby pulled a piece out and really until they are painted they are not that impressive yet. We noticed we also had some standard cove cornice and had pulled a piece of that out and that's when we realised something didn't look right. The standard cornice comes in 90mm and our upgraded cornice that we spent a lot of money on was only 75mm. We have high ceilings so we are unsure what this will look like. Looking at Gyprocks website however shows that this particular cornice only comes in this size, we just happened to pick the one that doesn't come in the larger size. Aaargh! Another live and learn moment.

I am also at the moment having a panic about our island bench being too large for the space. We (hubby) widened it and to my eye it is now too wide and will look like a giant whale of a thing you have to walk around especially if somebody is sitting there on a stool, he disagrees. I really hope it's not as bad as I am imagining. I am a panicker and worrier about everything, my poor husband.

So that's what has been happening, will do another post on things that I think are better than expected and things that are not now that plaster is up.

Sitting Room (Craft/my room)

Fireplace without it's front

Rumpus Room looking out to the backyard

Kitchen, Fridge space and doorway to pantry

Kitchen space with doorway leading to our bedroom and Laundrey? I can't remember lol

Delicious little nook outside of sitting room

Ensuite, vanity will sit between those windows - have no idea how I will cover these
as they are tiny but I don't want to lose the light