Saturday, 19 January 2013

Entrance Light

Every house needs a pretty entrance light I think. In our last house we just had standard height ceilings which makes it very difficult to have anything hanging so we had a simple oyster light with a pretty pattern on it. I quite liked it at the time but it certainly was going to win no design awards. This time we are lucky enough to have 3m high ceilings and can have something a little more special.

We have purchased the most gorgeous Capiz or lotus flower pendant and we think at this stage it will go in the entrance. I say we think because it is rather larger in person than what I was expecting. The husband and I argued back and forth over it being too large so when we finally deboxed it to settle the argument we drove it out to the house when it was still at frame stage and mock hung it. I know mad right? but it had to be settled, I couldn't stand the thought I had spent good money on something that wasn't right buuut I think it'll be all good fingers crossed still we should have got the smaller one.

Last year Stu stayed overnight in Sydney and said he was thinking about seeing if he could maybe pick up one of these lights while he was there and bring it home with him. If you can picture this he picked the light up from the store put it in a trolley and took it on the train to the airport haha. The things he does for me as he knew I was obsessed with having this light.

So here is a pic I found online, not mine but looks just like ours.

This is the light being boarded onto the plane, haha he could see them loading it from where he was and I just love this pic.

Safely home and looks too large for our rental.

On a side note anybody who likes to stay up late and watch Private Practice might notice that in Addison's beach house she has one hanging over the dining table. Mel from Georgica Pond also had one in her gorgeous previous house, god I love that blog.

I think it should fit in well with the house and I am one happy lady. I will be very nervous when it finally goes up, do you all think it's too much to insist on a mattress to go underneath whilst it goes up just in case? Yeah I know just a tad obsessive over this light.



Tiles were started on Friday but it wasn't til Thursday that I decided to arm myself with choc chip biccies and waltz on site all the while worried a tradie was going to kick me off...that didn't happen and I managed to get a quick look and a few hurried snaps before leaving.

The painter said he would be there on Thursday but really the renders were there finishing up the rendering under the weatherboard and we had our cornice going in the entrance as the lining is now up as well so really not ready for the painters just yet I would say.

Tiling looks as I was hoping although I wished we had gone a row or two higher. We did not go to the ceiling deliberately as I wanted there to be some grey paint in there, I know it sounds odd but I just like to see some paint in the bathrooms. I actually got talked into having more tiling on other walls that I didn't want. I think the "gap will look better once painted.

I love the subway tiling, who can understand how something so simple and relatively cheap can look so pretty. Husband has seen pics but I told him that to truly appreciate them he needed to see them in person.

Main bathroom shower with niche still to be siliconed

Main bathroom floor most of that beautiful subway tiling will be covered
up by the bath
Add Ensuite


Smart tile wastes - look at that grey veining! Light grey grout chosen
So pretty - under that blue strip is the silver trim, didn't want that but they would not
mitre the tiling and I didn't like the plastic white strips so silver it had to be
Very dirty and dusty grey tile in the laundrey
Skirtings on in the carpeted areas

Kids robes - very basic stuff and they will be built out later by us

One of the linen cupboards still to be painted

Our cornice being done in entrance now that the lined ceiling is up

I love it - want to live in the entrance.

Overall happy with my tiles and grout colour choices and just hoping that it doesn't get trashed by the end of it. Wouldn't it be great if tradies took their shoes off before coming inside....haha yeah I know in the land of fairies and other mythical beings right.

Might head out tomorow after work to see how the renders went.


* Was reminded by husband that Kitchen is due to be installed in around a week and halfs time. Will be way to nervous to look, it has been such a difficult task to explain what I wanted so I am expecting things to be not quite what I wanted.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

New Floor Tile Pic

I met the tiler on site Thursday morning and it was all pretty straight forward. We discussed which way would be best for the floor tiles to run and what was going where, because we have no vanities our powder room wall will have to be done at the same time as our other splashbacks in kitchen and laundry. We have tiles running in similar directions in powder and main bathroom but different in ensuite and laundry just based on the shape of the rooms.

We went back out to see the painter on Friday and that too seemed to be straightforward. I have to wonder though how they remember which bits are white and which are grey for the outside. I'm just hoping that the painting is good quality, he mentioned that he and his brother have been doing this for a long time. I am thinking they won't start til next week.

Some of our weatherboard at the front will need to be taken off as our trim to the two front windows was not put on, this is apparently happening on tomorrow if weather stays good I guess. Chippie was annoyed as he had asked ss was there trim going around the windows as trim had been delivered but chippie was unsure as it was not on any of his drawings and was told no. This needs to be attached before the weatherboard. I was unsure of whether we should just have left the front as is without the trim as it is quite thick and maybe too much for our front and I really am just loving the front the way it is but the husband wants it on and has reminded me that when it is painted grey we will want lots of white bits to balance it out. Still unsure about it though, hope I like it.???

We had a sneak peak of our tiles on Friday and all the tiles in wet areas have been laid, having not been out to the block today I'm assuming that the walls will be started today. No pics though.

This is a pic of our new floor tile that will be used instead of the dark grey. It is a porcelain carrara type look tile in 600x300. It was really hard to find this with a grey vein instead of the brown and I think this fits in better with the style of home we want whilst still staying within the confines of a project built house. We have picked a light grey grout to go with it. The dark grey will still stay in the laundry and will have a matching grey grout for it as well. Tiler was lovely and already had picked the same grout colours out.

PLUS! Our lining in the entry ceiling has been done and will look beautiful once it is painted. I took a crappy pic on hubbys work camera but I think he took it to Africa with him.



Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Chippies = Beautiful Weatherboard

Well we didn't reach lock up before Christmas but the Chippies worked right up til the Thursday before Christmas getting the eaves done and building extra frame bits for our weatherboard to attach to. We were really disappointed to not have weatherboard up before Christmas and felt really frustrated at why it wasn't being done but we have since found out there were some payment negotiations going on regarding the weatherboard which delayed it slightly. Imagine how excited we were though to head out to the block last Thursday to see the Chippies back early with the weatherboard at the front already done. Totally made up for the delay.

We are both really happy with it and glad we went with the bigger size weatherboard as the Scyon comes in two different sizes and I was very uncertain about which size was the "right" one I was after.

Our garage was also rendered before Christmas break but the bits around the bottom of the weatherboard will get rendered after all the weatherboard is finished. It actually already looks like it is all painted as the weatherboard and the render match in a cream colour.

Garage door was put on a while back but I keep forgetting to photograph it. Just went with the standard one in simple Surfmist, nice to have one thing not to have to upgrade to achieve the right look.

Close up shot of that wonderful weatherboard. Hope I'm still loving it this much when it needs repainting.

Close up shot of our door handle, one of the more modern bits to our house. This was standard but we just went a little bigger.

All our doors have been hung and architraves are on but not the skirtings, those will go on after our floor has been laid. I am meeting the tiler on site Thursday morning and the chippies will finish up this Friday. I still need to discuss grout colours due to us changing the floor tile but apparently he has samples for me to look at, I'm thinking a light grey.  Hubby also wants a meeting with the painter before he heads off for Africa this Friday. Fingers crossed we have a good one.

Will try to remember to take my camera and take some sneaky shots whilst I am out there as they have been very thorough with locking up and we haven't been able to get in at all.

Reminding myself to try not to stress about things and to try and enjoy this moment in our lives after all it's not every day that one gets to experience building a house.


* Had trouble uploading photos today but I will persevere and get to that post regarding kitchen and interior colour selections.