Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Waiting for Steel

Just a quick update on house. We are still waiting for those steel frames, they were due to be delivered on Monday but SS called to let us know that it won't be until this coming Friday. I just hope that they do actually turn up this Friday and we aren't delayed any longer by them.

We also had a meeting on the side with the kitchen company contracted out to do our kitchen. It went well but he did say they had not done a kitchen in that style before which ups my anxiety level. But he was helpful and hopefully we can get something close to what we are after. I knew there would be some issues trying to recreate a custom build style to a project built house.

Anyway that is where we are at still waiting for the frames to be made, I sure will be excited when they get here.

Tash xx


  1. That's along time to be waiting for a frame, has anything been done besides the slab?

  2. Ah, the frustrations of building! Better to wait and get a true product that hassle and get a rush-job with mistakes. We live in a fast -food society...patience is very hard to master! (I'm exactly the same mind you!) Ha Ha! x KL