Thursday, 15 November 2012

A Quick Rundown

Okay so silly me lost her cord that connects camera to computer when somebody pointed out to me that my computer might have an SD card slot (clueless I am). So here is a long overdue update.

So since my last post we had just started our frames and it was speeding along but all up it took about a week maybe to really finish everything off. We had been checking it as it went along and we knew that the windows in the sitting and rumpus room were sitting too low to the ground but after checking the plan they were correct as shown on plan but we had upgraded them to be longer so wanted them placed higher on the wall to match the height of the bifold. Something we missed when signing off on the plan but it was no problem to have them adjusted.

My husband had also noticed that something was not right about our entrance way but was not sure, as the frames progressed it became clear that they had given us 2.7m in the entrance the same as the rest of the ceilings but we had upgraded to allow for 3m. He gave a call to our SS late that afternoon and by the next day he had called back to say that the frame supplier had made a mistake and were making new trusses asap. I have been criticised for demanding they tear down perfectly good roof trusses but let me make it clear that conversation did not occur, there were no demands of any sort my husband left a message and by the time our SS got back to us it was being rectified, this was between our builder and their supplier. All up it delayed us about a week and we are very happy with how it was handled and how it now looks. Enough justifying, after all we did actually pay for it.

So frames are complete, our surfmist roof is on with most of the gutters as we have half round gutters only out the front and they are waiting on a bracket. Rafter tails to the front are also on.
We are further ahead than just this but I'll leave that to my next post.

Okay now to catch up on some pics.

Trusses started

Frame complete with preparation for roof started

Slighly blurry pic of the back of the house

Rafter tails at front only completed with removed trusses on ground

Roof on


3m ceiling


  1. Yay for frames and a roof! What a beautiful roof it is. Love a bit of surfmist! I'm really glad they are sorting out your ceiling height issue, you only get to do this once, so it might as well be done the way it was planned.

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