Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Windows Doors and Solar

We have had our front door and windows installed and it really looks like a pretty cottage from the front now. Our sitting and rumpus room windows have not been fitted in yet due to the adjustment to frame not being correct. I am loving the front windows they are my favourite thing.

The two whirly birds and the solar panels and solar hot water have all been installed. I kinda thought that the whirly birds looked really daggy up there on the roof but I don't notice them now, yes I know they're not there too look good.

The front door fits in really well with the look that I was going for while still being a modern pivot door. I couldn't find a pic of this door anywhere on the internet and it didn't cost anything extra to switch to this style from the standard style door. I would love to paint it a blueish colour like Melinda from Georgica Pond but piked out at our colour selection appointment.

On the weekend we went out and swept and tidied up the site and my husband noticed that a pipe out the front was leaking, on closer inspection it had been broken and taped back up. We let the ss know and the plumber fixed it up.

We are having a private inspector out today to have a look but I am leaving that stuff to hubby to worry about. He had a panicked moment thinking that they had put the solar right where the flue for the gas heater is to come out but it is all fine.

Also have changed my floor tile in the wet areas, not the laundry though. I just wasn't feeling the love for the dark grey and if you'll remember it was not my first choice. So after searching around Brisbane we found a tile I am happier with and a size that can go in the shower. It now fits in closer to my inspiration pics and is totally impractical, haha. The dark grey will stay in the laundry.

Front windows - They are white but covered by black plastic

Garage parapet

Beautiful rafter tails

Our front door - will be painted not stained - 1200 wide

Side view of front porch

French door in main bedroom

Bifolds looking out to outdoor room off the dining area

Bifolds off family room - will deck or concrete this area

Looking out one of the pretty front bedroom windows

Standing in entrance looking back to front door

Solar and hot water panels and two whirly birds
Looking up at the 25 degree pitch roof

Gas fireplace spot in family room

Surfmist roof


  1. WOW! Haven't been by for a catch up in awhile. Your house is looking amazing!

    1. Thankyou! I will admit it is currently an absolute mess of a building site, being men I don't think they see it lol.

  2. Your house is going to look amazing! Just a tad envious...

    1. Oh thankyou, haha you wouldn't be envious of all our horrible stress behind the scenes.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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  4. Hello! what colour windows and doors did you choose? and what trim did you decide to use with this?