Saturday, 9 February 2013

Fiddle Leaf Fig

I first saw one of these last year on a blog I follow called Honey We're Home which is a lovely blog featuring the most gorgeous American home. Anyway I saw one of the fiddle leafs and fell in love and now have to have one for our new house.

Here is some pics for anyone wondering what on earth I am going on about.

Honey We're Home

They have only seemed to have become more and more popular since then but I was not ready to buy one at the time as I didn't even have a slab at that stage but now I am ready to try and get my hands on one. I heard a rumour on Instagram that Masters do or have at some stage sold them? To be honest I haven't even started looking around at my local nurseries but we will be travelling to Brisbane this Monday to pick up some Ebay purchases and I thought whilst I am there I would check out some of the decorating stores I have been hearing so much of and possibly pick up one of these fig leafs if time permitted. I also would like to stop in at Ikea as we need to organise some shelving and look at a possible kitchen tap.

 My mum loved to have plants inside and there was always one or two dotted around the place. I'm not promising I would keep it alive though. Wondering what prices would range around for these too, I know it always depends on size.

Anyone have one of these wonderful plants in their own home? Anyone now tempted after those pretty pictures?

* Update on house build.....we were painted externally nearly two weeks ago and I have still not ventured out there yet to look, husband home Monday and he will probably check it all out Tuesday. Our Kitchen has only just now been sent to be sprayed and will most likely be another 3 weeks away. Agony I tell you, nothing else can be done until this kitchen and vanities are put in.



  1. Did you ever find one? I'm on a search too! Laura :)

  2. Hi Laura, No haven't found one although haven't really given a good look for it yet. I had heard of someone finding one at Masters in Brisbane or might have been the Gold Coast. Will look harder once I'm settled into new house. Let me know if you find one.


  3. I just read that they are going for $200 in Sydney and on back order for up to 6 months.. Guess I won't be getting one anytime soon!