Saturday, 16 February 2013

Paint Pics

The house has been painted inside and out now for a couple of weeks but I only finally saw it last week. The interior is still a little too dark for me but I think I just need time to adjust to seeing colour other than light cream on the walls. The exterior is perfect, I'm happy that it doesn't look too dark.

 I think now seeing the front door painted white we will now at some stage paint it a pretty light blue after seeing so many other blue painted doors around on other blogs just to add a splash of colour to the house. Wouldn't a lovely pistachio type light mint green look lovely too? Kinda like the pistachio Kitchenaid mixers.

The exterior was painted in Dulux Milton Moon and we were actually lucky enough  to know of another house painted in this colour so we were hoping it would work for us too. I actually now would have also used Silkwort and maybe one day when we repaint that colour will still be around to use. All the trims on the outside are in Dulux Lexicon, M would not allow us to use any other shade of white not even quarter Lexicon.

The interior is Dulux Tranquil Retreat for most of the walls and in the kitchen, family and dining room we opted for Spanish Olive. I first saw this colour via I think the House of Turquoise blog which featured the most gorgeous house ever which as it turned out led me to the Georgica Pond blog where the same colour is used. I quite like it but I just wish that with the tranquil retreat I had gone only 50% strength. Painting is in our future! The trims inside are all Dulux Vivid White which is a beautiful crisp stark white with no hint of any other colour. The ceiling and cornices were M's standard, Lexicon Quarter.

For anyone looking at the colour samples I have provided below or even pics of my house please get sample pots and then view them in all different types of lighting as the colours on my computer screen  do not really match up to what they look like in real life, I don't even think the white looks accurate on my computer.

Family room in Dulux Tranquil Retreat

Front bedroom in Dulux Tranquil Retreat

Dining, Family and kitchen area all in Dulux Spanish Olive

Internal door to Main Bathroom

Entrance ceiling

Dulux Tranquil Retreat

Dulux Spanish Olive

Side of house

The front - a splash of blue would be perfect

Milton Moon

So there she is all painted up and I think she looks a little Hamptonish (new word), not the main house in the Hamptons more like the pool or guest house out the back out of view, haha.
To be honest I think everyone in Australia just uses the word Hamptons to describe any painted weatherboard house but I'm happy to use it no matter how far off I am.

 I want to do a post showing a pic of our house side by side against M's promotional pics, I think they look like two different houses.  

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.



  1. Replies
    1. Very similar, loving your kitchen very much.

  2. I love the entry ceiling and front door. Just found your blog through Pinterest - we're hoping to build starting spring of next year. Great color choices.

  3. I absolutely love your house!!! You probably have it somewhere but what colour is your roof?

    Again what a wonderful job you have done!

  4. Looks great! We're having trouble finding the right grey for our weatherboard and have tried so many colours. We tried tranquil retreat but it's looking too much like light blue in some lights. We have a sample of Milton moon too. Yours doesn't look light blue at all in your photos, is it the same in real life? We were thinking of possibly using silkwort but not sure. Is be happy to go with Milton moon if it turned out like yours has!

  5. Hi - Just wondering whether the Milton Moon was full strength or half?

    It looks great! Struggling with choosing colours for our house at the moment!

  6. Hi there,

    I love the Tranquil Retreat grey but can't find it anywhere - not even on the Dulux website...has the name changed do you know at all?

    Thanks! :)

  7. Hi, is your garage weatherboard or is it rendered? Would love to see a pic if you have one

  8. You can still ask for Tranquil Retreat from any Dulux paint stores or stockists (eg Bunnings), it's from 2007 Dulux catalogue :(

  9. The exterior colour is gorgeous, I am great fan of grey, used it on my main house and my beach house I recently had built. I use Foggy Grey on my main house which is a colour by Resene, it is a gorgeous subtle grey with the slightest hint of green as I wanted something that didn't throw blue. I love the colour you have used however and will definitely explore using it in the future.

    As for your interior, I can understand why you wish you used half strength but don't jump into anything until you have lived with it a while and have all your furnishing in place. You can break it up with a gorgeous white sofa and a combination of grey and white cushions in differing patterns. If you really don't like it in the darker rooms such as the hallway, you could always do half strength there.

    Just stumbled across your blog through Pinterest and will follow your journey.


  10. Hi Natasha love your style & selections! Doing a similar build with M in NSW and trying to locate your front door to follow on with our french doors on the front elevations, is it a Hume door? Would be really keen to know what supplierand style if you could post please?

  11. Hi, looks amazing! Did you use full strength spanish olive? Thanks!

  12. Hi what colour is your roof? Is it surfmist?

  13. Hi there, what color are the doors?

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