Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Finally Kitchen Arrives

Well as the title suggests our kitchen finally turned up. We got a heads up that it was turning up last Thursday and sure enough when we went out late Thursday afternoon there she was sitting in bits and pieces all over the family room floor. We were able to get in too and check her all out.


As you all know from my previous post this is when we discovered the profile of the doors wasn't quite right. We have decided to keep them now that I have seen it all up as to me it is such a tiny little variation and the doors in the bathrooms will be changed over to panelled to match the kitchen. It seems that this was an M paperwork issue and not the kitchen company as such. So glad we made the last minute decision to have panelled doors in the bathrooms as I think the panelled just looks so pretty.

Kitchen will be installed in two bits, they will come back and put on the island skirting once our floors are put down.

The kitchen must have been put together on the Friday but I was unaware as I thought due to the door issue that it would not go up, it wasn't until very late Sunday that I made a last minute decision to duck out there just to check if our water tank had turned up and I also had a mat that I wanted to check the sizing of for the laundry. I was literally standing at the back bifold doors trying to see if they were open not even seeing the kitchen. I got quite a shock when I finally noticed it. Luckily a window was still open and the girls and I were able to get in to look. I'm such a chicken I made my daughter look it all over before I would actually myself look at it haha.

Our new kitchen

As you come down the hallway from front door.


Island end gables with skirting detail


Over head cupboards.

Banks of drawers either side of oven.
 The pantry looks much bigger than I realised. The upper bit will just be some open shelves to put pretties on. This is the side with the benchtop and sink. Sorry this pick is blurry.

                                                                Other side of pantry

Open shelving above fridge space.

The laundry was something my husband and I came up with. I love open shelves to store baskets in. There is also a shelf  in the middle up the top and underneath that we will put a rod to hang ironed clothes onto. I am so happy with this and can't wait to start doing laundry haha. It's missing doors on top on the far side and the kitchen company is going to pop them on after the build is over.

Shelf on top and rod to go underneath to hang things.

I am thrilled with it. The gabled ends and skirting feature on the island are perfect and exactly what we were hoping for. To think that we struggled to convey to M what it was we wanted and it was all up in the air on whether it could be done even right up to the day our block was being levelled. Overall happy with everything I am quite amazed really that we all managed to do this via email and  pictures and that the kitchen company had never done this style of kitchen. Island is a great size and not so large that it obstructs the walkway to the front door.


Hope no one minds but I will probably post all these pics again once the caesarstone is on...and probably when the pendants are installed too. Caesarstone is due to be installed on the 25th of this month, woohoo!

In other amazing news we are booked to have our walk through on the 8th of March! They will then take 2 weeks to do any fixups needed and then they are allowing another 2 weeks for our bank to do their thing. Too exciting and I have so much I need to get ready still.

Hope everyone enjoyed the pics (sorry for the blurry ones) I'll keep them coming.



  1. Your kitchen looks like it will turn out to be amazing! What a huge relief after all of that stress. Turns out it was worth all of the stress I think, it's going to be magnificent. I wouldn't be surprised if pictures of your finished kitchen end up all over pinterest! It's stunning. Love your laundry too.

  2. Oh Lauren you made me smile with those comments. Thankyou!

  3. Hi Natasha, just found your blog via Katrina's from the Block. Your kitchen is looking fantastic and love the changes you are making to your off the plan house to make it special. I am very much looking forward to going back through your posts to see where you started. We are about to renovate our california bungalow and I too have been choosing grey paints for our exterior. Milton Moon test patches are all over the back of the house and it is great to see it complete like yours, I am still undecided though and want to try spanish olive and a few others as well. Love your laundry too, very timely as our layout seems quite similar and I am currently nutting out all the details of the layout. It is so great to find someone else who loves all the little details of renovating, my blog is a whole lot more random than yours but hopefully will be much more reno focused in the weeks to come. mel x

    1. Hi Mel, I will have to stop by and check out your renovating.

  4. I absolutely love the look of the kitchen and I bet that it will be such as focal point of the house. I also love the paint colour of the walls which are emphasised by with white skirting.

    Good job.

  5. Hi Natasha, I love love love your kitchen it is absolutely beautiful! I am in the process of designing our new kitchen at the moment and your kitchen is very similar to what I am aiming for. Fingers crossed I can pull it off as well as you have!
    Would you be able to tell me your island bench measurements?

    1. Hi Sarah-Jayne, Our island bench dimensions are 1200mm by just shy of 3000mm, so there should be no joins.


  6. Hi, I love your choice of skirting. Can you tell us the name of the profile? Well done pulling together a beautiful kitchen. I look forward to seeing the final product.

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Our Kitchen installer suggested it and all I know is that it is manufactured by Finlayson's and it is called type G and it's the 140 by 19. Hope that helps, hubby thinks you can pretty much buy it anywhere.

  7. Can’t wait to see the kitchen reveal, even the pantry! Having a kitchen space like this is ideal for placing a peninsula at the center. It gives the space a purpose. Found a picture of a kitchen in Pinterest that you might like:

    Kristopher Diss

  8. Hey Tash,
    I really need to ask you how M got around the issue with not putting scotia around your kitchen cupboards? Our bamboo flooring has been laid and they put the ugly scotia all around the kitchen!!! I specifically asked for it not to be used but our site supervisor said it couldn't be helped unless we paid for the flooring to go under the island bench ext. If you don't see this in time I'll try and contact you via home one! Any advice would be great!!!

  9. Looks gorgeous, very Hamptons :)