Saturday, 16 February 2013

I Got One!!

What you are thinking? I finally got one of those overpriced ceramic drums except I only had to fork over $40! I was doing a happy dance when I picked them up and totally embarassed my daughters to which the little one asked "what do you do with them?"

I was tipped off last night whilst browsing a thread that mentioned that the Reject shop had them for sale again and after checking out the catalogue sure enough there they were on the front cover so I madly dashed down to our one and only store here in Toowoomba only to be told that a lady the day before had purchased all the white ones, 6 in total. Gosh I was peeved at that lady, there were some mutterings of "greedy people" under my breath haha. So I tried Gatton which is around half an hour away and they had two white ones left, quick girls trip out to Gatton and they are all mine.

I know a little obsessed about these but I'm so happy I didn't have to fork out for the expensive Matt Blatt ones. If anyone is looking for one of these, check out Reject right now as I know there were a few of you looking for one too. They only have them in red, black and white...white if your lucky and quick it seems.

Great day all round as I also picked up a gorgeous rug in a turquoise chevron, herringbone type pattern for her bedroom from Loot.

$40 people!!



  1. Thanks for the tips. I saw that the reject shop had the ceramic drums and forgot to get one. Must have a look this week. There is not that many loot stores in NSW and luckily one is near me, so I will have to have a look at their rugs

  2. I am sure now that Reject realise how popular they are they will make it a regular thing. The rug from Loot was just what I had been looking for and it was a great price too, worth a look.

  3. Yes, I bought the black one last year in the Reject Shop when they had them! I paid $250 for one on The Block, so what happy to see them for $40!

    1. I just knew if I waited and kept looking Katrina that I would find one in my price range. I nearly resorted though to a $200 plus one, impatient I am.