Saturday, 2 February 2013

Paint & Some Selections

So last week we had the interior painted and first thoughts were that it is too dark. I of course went through the process when picking our paint colours of painting them onto pieces of undercoated plaster but it still seemed darker than my samples at home? I think I should have went with 50% strength, I think that would have been nicer. I have only seen it the once when we went to talk to the ss on site about a placement of a light and was a little shocked that it was the same colour as what I have been looking at at home. It is the same though going by the labels on the tins. I have to admit with hubby leaving shortly after for WA with work I haven't had the courage to go back to look. I think there will be some repainting of walls in my future, there always was going to be some painting in the girls rooms but now I may redo a few others.

The exterior was also finally painted, it was delayed due to all the wild weather we have been having here in Qld. It rained that night after it was done so I am wondering how that will affect the finish? Haven't been out to look as I fear I'm not going to like it either. There is a house that has used the same colour as us and I went out to have a look today just to reassure myself that I still like theirs, so it should stand to reason that ours will be the same?? I'm such a chicken. Still another week til hubby comes home and I'm pretty sure I will just wait for him to look first.

I promise I will take some pics when husband gets home for good or bad of the exterior and also of the too dark interior. Lucky I like lots of light furnishings which should lighten things up a bit. I need to remember that paint is a relatively cheap and easy thing to change and it's not the huge disaster I think it is.

Kitchen is still not ready, really there is no point whining or being impatient about this. Ss said it has been delayed again due to a wait on some materials? Whatever the reason it will get here when it gets here. Gives me more time to shop.

How about some long overdue pics of some bathroom selections, although all of the bathroom fittings were not really "selections" as they are just what comes standard. The bathroom is where the mix of modern and classic style mix together as it was just easier to keep the bathroom fittings that were provided by M as I found some of the classic bathroom fittings that I liked to be quite pricey. So tiles are a mix of modern and classic, the fittings are all modern but then the cabinets lean to being more classic as they will have panelled doors.

Standard basins in our range, I think they are Caroma.

I admit we are a household of shower only people and this bath will get no use but
hey it will do it's job by prettying the room up.

Standard shower fittings by Dorf

Standard Dorf basin mixer, looking forward to cleaning around only one tap

I think this is our exact toilet, they kinda all look the same but I know it comes
with soft close.

Organic White Caesarstone

Similar crystal handles, ours were purchased cheaply from recollections.

Not purchased yet but thinking of two of these to go in the bathrooms, we have girls so we need as much
towel hanging space as we can get. Not heated though.

Our cabinets are in 2pac Dulux Vivid White and are one of Polytec's panelled doors, this was a last minute change to have panelled in the bathrooms and put us over budget. The benchtops are Organic White Caesarstone in 20mm, this was standard although the colour was an upgrade. We purchased some crystal knobs from Recollections to go on all the doors in the bathrooms. 



  1. I'm impressed with what you are calling 'standard' fittings...they are all top quality. well designed items! Glad the toilet is a back-to-wall easy clean model! Hope the colour dilema resolves itself; funny enough most colours look lighter on walls compared to sample swatches usually. When you do to look take your sample piece with you, sometimes (although rarely) the colour is mixed incorrectly. It happened to me once and the repaint incl labour was covered by the paint supplier. x KL

  2. KL, I did take my sample piece back with me and even checked out the tins to make sure that at least the tins had the right name, very neurotic woman I am. I actually did think my samples looked a tad lighter than what was on the wall?? But lighting plays a big part too. I have always rented homes that had that creamy yellow type of paint that every rental has and even in our old house I somehow ended up with that creamy yellow too (12 years later and I got it wrong again!) so it is a shock to the system really to see "colour" other than this on the walls. Luckily I actually relish the chance down the track to repaint a few areas.