Friday, 7 September 2012

Council and Bank Approval

We already have full Council approval, I think it took around four weeks but to show you what a long process sorting out our plans has been approval was recieved back in March/May and we were still not done. In fact we are still signing off changes to doors, it never ends.

The home loan part of all this was the easiest most least stressful of this whole building caper. I think we were approved within the week and the valuation which I was worried about came back all good shortly after. Love our guy who has done all our loan stuff over the years he makes everything simple and straightforward for us. This was approved back in August and it is a little scary to think how much money you have to pay back.


  1. Hi
    Popped over from Georgia Pond blog. It's funny how building a house can be so tediously slow at times and then seem to rush ahead at others! I look forward to following your build,
    x KL

    1. Hi KL, I love Georgica Ponds blog! It's one of my favourites and you will see I have literally used her sister Ali's old house and Georgica's house for all my colours. I couldn't go off any display homes as they were mostly modern so I had to look elsewhere for my inspiration. Thankyou for stopping by. Tash