Sunday, 23 September 2012

Exterior Colours

Well as my blog title suggests it will be grey and white. Simple and classic and not something I will get sick of too quickly as is my habit.

All of the weatherboard and render will be Dulux Milton Moon and any of the trims and doors will be Dulux Lexicon. The Lexicon was not our choice but M wouldn't allow us to use the shade of white we wanted, it couldn't even be Lexicon quarter.

Our windows are white aluminium, we toyed with the idea of wood out the front but because we face west decided we will already have enough upkeep without worrying about maintaining windows too.

The roof and guttering will be Surfmist Colorbond and the garage door will be Surfmist as well. Just realised I have never checked how the Surfmist looks with the Lexicon white, I know Lexicon is whiter so I hope it all goes alright together. You just can't check everything.

There will also be a little touch of stone to the bottom of the porch posts at the front although there is some confusion about what colour has been picked as it is not in our contract, this should be interesting.

Dulux Milton Moon

Dulux Lexicon

Crazy Stone

Surfmist Colorbond

Scyon Linea Weatherboard

Similar colouring
I just love the classic colouring in this last picture.

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