Friday, 28 September 2012

Our Girls

Our two daughters are excited about living out of town and my youngest is looking forward to having a flat stretch of concrete to rollerskate and ride on. They are a little tired of the numerous trips out to the block just to stare at an empty plot of land but now there are things happening they are a little more keen to come and check thngs out.

These were some shots I took near our block recently, behind them a lovely multi level weatherboard house is being built.

We also have two other "daughters" in our house Cavalier King Charles, who will be coming along as well. Not sure how they will cope in the new house. We will be having rural fencing which means you can see into everybodys backyards and I know our new neighbours have a dog, hopefully they all get along without too much fuss.


Hanging out for life to return to normal, I think the girls are over "house talk" too but I feel very blessd to be in a position to own our own house and not have to rent for much longer. Just going to try and enjoy every moment and not stress the small stuff, it's not often you get to build a house.
Tash x


  1. Your girls are absolutely stunning Tash, those eyes! Beautiful!

    It must be getting a bit more exciting for them now that it's all starting to come to life. I have really fond memories of hanging out at 'the block' when my parents were building our house as a kid. Seeing them go through it all has certainly encouraged me now that it's our turn.

  2. Your daughters are very beautiful Tash! It can be a boring time for them; my children have endured lots of moving, building and renovating. They are lucky though; maybe get them involved in planning their rooms. My two daughters loved compiling mood boards for their future rooms and I've always been surprised with their great taste! x KL