Thursday, 6 September 2012

First Post

Finally after many, many months of this blog just sitting here empty I finally feel that I can start blogging about our build.  At this stage I have no idea how to post photo's or even how to post but I'm sure I'll somehow manage to muddle through it.

This is our second time building, the first time around we were both 24 with a young family with limited funds but desperate to own a house. We built with a well known local builder and after reading so many building blogs and the numerous problems that arise I found it a real eye opener as we had literally not one issue while building.....we had a few settling cracks in the cornices but that was about it. We went into it totally naive and lucked out on our first go.

 It was a classice little red brick house, grey roof with white trim and lots of mock gables and finials. We lived in it for ten years before we decided to sell up and build again. We bought an acre of land in an estate just outside of Toowoomba at the start of 2011. We then got around to selling our house that year just after easter I think it was (I'm going back here) which allowed us to pay out the land in full and we have been renting, arguing and obsessing over this house ever since. It has been a long drawn out process and now that it is finally here I don't feel ready, like I need a few more months to save.

That's kinda a little of our back story and I have found it so helpful reading others building blogs and now it's our turn to pass it on to someone else. Hopefully I can work out how to load photo's and do posts without destroying blogger and losing all my posts, fingers crossed.

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