Thursday, 6 September 2012

Our Block of Land

Here is our little piece of Australia. It is about one acre in size and is located just outside of Toowooomba in an estate. There is currently about six other houses in various stages of building at the moment in the estate including our neighbours on our left who seem to be at lockup stage and the same for the neighbours across from us. There is also another Metr!con house going up, we think it is a Santorini design.

Our reasons for purchasing this block really came down to a lack of land availability, we have known for a number of years we wanted to build again but got sick of waiting for a certain parcel of land to be developed that was closer to town. Whilst we are further out then we thought we would ever live we are in the end quite happy.

In the second shot my husband is standing at the back of the block. We have two gum trees on our block that we are still tossing up whether to remove or not. The other trees in this shot are on another block and have recently been removed. Some of the blocks in this estate are quite slopey with lovely views and others are relatively flat like ours.

Oh and it's H type soil which is pretty much the norm it seems for soil in our area.

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