Saturday, 15 September 2012

Slab ready for pouring....But....

Well the girls and I went out to check what had been happening since we last checked on Tuesday and everything is now in place for our slab pour on Tuesday but like my title says I had a moment of disappointment.

 I think we have positioned our house in the WRONG spot!!

The builder has placed it exactly where they have been asked to it just looks further back then I thought it would be. We are required to set it back 15m but we decided to set it back 17m to fill up some of the acre so we wouldn't be left with a huge expanse of just grass in the backyard but the neighbours actually got council permission to move their house forward which just makes our little house look even further setback and at this stage a little silly looking to me.

I think my husband and I got our wires crossed, I thought 17m from gutter but he is saying "no it was always 17m from the official start of our land boundary. Aaargh! As you can imagine I made a quick panicked call to my hubby, took some pics and of course he and the girls can't see what the problem is. I think it has left us with too small a backyard now and a massive front yard but whaddya going to do? What's done is done, it's not like you can just move's a learning experience.

Looking at it in it's pre slab form it looks little to me and I can't imagine how everything fits on top of it, it's just like what everyone says and I bet it looks even smaller once they take the boxing away and because of the silly placement our block (1acre) looks so small now. Can't wait for framing, maybe things will look better.

We have slab pour due this Tuesday but we also have storms forecast for Monday and Tuesday, couldn't have planned it any worse really considering we have had literally no rain for months. Really you just have to have a giggle about it and go with the flow, it's going to rain and there are going to be things about this house that aren't quite what we were expecting them to look like but in the end it will all somehow come together.

You can kind of see how far back we are compared to neighbours and there is even more front yard still cut out of pic.

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  1. From my experience slabs always look smaller than they are! As my hubby says; get a boom and start sweeping will soon feel bigger! LOL! x KL

    1. Haha, yes your hubby is right when you look at it like that. I am sure once we move in I will be complaining that I have too much floor to keep clean.

      Tash x