Thursday, 20 September 2012

We have a Slab...and our first invoice.

Slab pour did not happen Tuesday which was so disappointing but we did end up having storms and heavy rain that night so it was the right thing to delay it. Didn't go out to the block Wednesday as Stu was home that night and I thought we could just go out together on Thursday.

Thursday afternoon Stu picked me up from work and said he suspected we have a slab as he had received an email and sms for an invoice for payment for slab. We headed out to the block and sure enough there it was. My first thoughts were it looked really high but nice and tidy and solid.

We both had the day off today so we headed back out to find someone just leaving the block. We now have a bin and they have scraped soil all around the slab and site. It looks so neat and tidy, very impressed.

We are still missing some bits from the slab, the front portico and back outdoor room will be concreted or decked after handover. Kind of wish we had done it all together but we thought we would wait as we haven't decided what to do with these areas yet.

It is now a bit of a wait til around the 8th to see any frames go up as there is a delay with those but it will give time for our slab to sit and cure nicely.

Where that that tall pipe is sticking up out the front is the edge of our portico.

Lovely clean site, don't think it will stay this way but still a nice surprise early on.

Tank is next door neighbours.

Bin and front portico pipe.

I hope we get to keep some of the lovely views that we get at the back.

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