Monday, 10 September 2012

Site Scrape completed Pics

The site scrape has been completed and it looks good. It's pretty flat and and thankfully for my husband he doesn't for the short term have to worry about mowing it. It's going to take a huge effort on our part to landscape an acre and with no money specifically allocated to this it's probably going to take us a few years.

Front on...need to remove sold sign.

Side on with a little pile of dirt left in corner.

No build blog is complete without the portable loo shot.

Our septic system is due to go in tomorrow and slab pour next Tuesday. There will be a delay with our frames as apparently they are flat out keeping up demand.


  1. Looking forward to following your progress, we are building at the moment and I too have a grey and white theme happening! Have a great day x Jode

    1. Hi Jode, How exciting and crazy is this building business? I will have to pop over to your blog to check on your build. Tash

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